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EEIS: Ergonomics & Early Intervention Specialist

This training program helps professionals who wish to pursue a career in occupational early intervention. Peak Ergonomics has pioneered occupational early intervention over the past two decades, with over 17,000 cases and a success rate of 92%. This training aims to provide consultants with knowledge and tools to be successful ergonomics & early intervention specialists. Our mission is to catch an injury before it happens and to train others to do the same. Occupational therapists, physical therapists, athletic trainers, kinesiologists, exercise physiologists, chiropractors, nurses, and physicians have interests in this career path. Occupational early intervention consists of assessment, first aid, ergonomics, education, and preventative exercise. This training program consists of PowerPoint with audio teaching and one-on-one mentoring via email, phone, and Zoom meetings. Access to our client tools such as excel spreadsheet template for tracking cases, how to sort your spreadsheet for investigating root causes, how to create cost justification documents for your clients, case management review templates, physical demand analysis tools, and templates, ergonomics analysis tools and templates, employee booklets, employee one sheet handouts, employer posters. Ongoing access to new knowledge and tools.


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