Since 2006, Peak Ergonomics has had over 20,000 early intervention cases with a success rate of 96%. As a result, we have saved our clients over 170 million dollars. In addition, when using a profit margin calculation of 10%, we have kept 1.7 billion dollars from being snatched away from our clients’ sales due to workplace injuries and illnesses. We have one client who has gone six years with only seven injuries and several clients who only have a few injuries a year.

Our team goes to great lengths to find high-quality, relational individuals with a high skill set. As a result, we find the best people to join our team. Honest, diligent, fair-minded, and hard-working are all personal attributes in each of our consultants. If you take the time to read our consultants’ bios, you will read the stories of some remarkable people. Not only are they experts at reducing workplace injuries, but they are truly good people and devote their life to the betterment of society. They love their family, friends, and animals. They live a life of love and service. They are highly relational people, bringing everyone inside and leaving no one out.  When our team works with a client, we build relationships and genuinely try to make a difference in the life of each person we meet.

The core philosophy of Peak Ergonomics is to help others. When we meet with someone, we do our best to help the entire person. We are concerned with helping the employee achieve their peak potential. When we meet with a person with an issue with their hand, we look at the occupational risk factors, but we also look at their risk factors. Sleeping posture, hobbies, caregiving, uncontrolled medical conditions, and a long list of individual items may also need to be corrected to resolve their problem. We listen to the person and help them to the best of our ability. We give generously of our knowledge. We have created a video library of our preventive exercises and share them on our website with the entire world.

If the Peak Ergo philosophy resonates with you and you are interested in eliminating workplace injuries and illnesses, please reach out to [email protected] or call 573.239.3666.   Contact us now for your Free Ergonomics Consultation and Quote.

Paul Krewson
Founder & CEO