Our expert instructors have performed hundreds of on-site training programs at all hours of the day and night and across a broad spectrum of industries.

We apply the principle of kinesthetic learning and have participants standing, moving, and performing activities with their bodies that will help them genuinely learn fundamental ergonomic concepts that they can apply to their specific work environment. Each training session is customized to meet the needs of our client: length of the class, time of day or night, number of participants per class, pictures, and videos of plant-specific workstations. In addition, we routinely perform the following groups training classes:

  • Production Worker Training: this program consists of fundamental ergonomic awareness, body mechanics training, lifting techniques, and preventative exercises.
  • Office Worker Training: this program consists of fundamental ergonomic awareness, proper office and computer workstation setup, body mechanics training, and preventative exercises.
  • Executive Team Training: This program helps the top management level understand the importance of ergonomics to their business.
  • Advanced Ergo Team Training: This program is a deep dive into ergonomics for employees leading the ergonomics initiative.

Peak Ergonomics taught in University Classrooms

Peak Ergonomics solutions are in university classrooms for future operations managers.