Prevention and First Aid for Common Hand Problems


Perform your work activity so that your wrists stay as straight as possible. Avoid putting pressure or contact stress at the middle bottom of your palm or the base of your fingers. If you are doing a lot of repetitive work with that hand, then try using the other hand more often. Minimize forceful gripping and pinching as much as possible. Power tools should have a diameter of 1.5″ and pinch tools should have a diameter of 0.5″ with good friction. If you are exposed to vibration or contact stress, then use a padded sleeve.


Awkward sleeping posture can cause hand disorders. Sleep in a wrist splint to protect hand and wrist while sleeping.
Ice: Apply cold gel sleeve to wrist/hand for 20 minutes after hand-intensive work.


Over-gripping the steering wheel, bearing weight down into the steering wheel or resting your hand on the gear shifter for more than a few minutes can decrease proper circulation. Gently maintain your grasp of the steering wheel and change hand position every few minutes.


Hand intensive hobbies like playing the guitar, sewing or video gaming should be kept to a minimum if you also perform hand-intensive work.
Healthy Lifestyle: Nicotine and caffeine cause blood vessels to constrict which reduces blood flow into the hand. One cigarette restricts blood flow to the hand for one hour. The more fat that is inside a person’s body, the less space there is inside the wrist. Thirty minutes of walking per day and healthy weight control will greatly help. Avoid high salt intake, which causes fluid retention. Diabetes, high blood pressure, hypothyroidism, and many other diseases contribute to hand problems.